Press Hear Workshop with Graham Elstone

On Wednesday a selection of our year four and year five pupils had a fantastic time working with the artist Graham Elstone on a Press Hear creative project. Using the Queen’s Jubilee and the 1950’s as a theme, they initially researched all about the period the Queen has been on the throne. They then began to develop ideas and images and turned these into drawings. Once the images were created they then used a special conductive paint and coated the back of each picture.

The next step was to record words and information to go alongside each of the pictures. Once they were created the sounds were then linked to the images using Bare Conductive Technology (I know right!) This means that the images and sounds were linked and all you had to do was simply TOUCH the pictures and the recorded information could be heard and the images became INTERACTIVE!

It was an incredible experience to hear your own voices attached to images you had created, it was like magic. Everyone had a fantastic day and we are looking forward to working again with Graham very soon.

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